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A good customer asked us why we did not combine the pinch off mechanism from the MICRO I into the MAX series of timers. We had no answer, and after some thought, it seemed like a very good idea. We prototyped one and showed it at the 2002 NATS. The reaction was very favorable, so a new product is born


A fair question. Very simply it eliminates the need for the Remote Pinch Off (RPO) and the extra effort needed to install and hook it up. Plus it makes life a lot easier when you have a high thrust line plane like the T-Bird. The timer can be down on the fuselage so there is a straight line to the DT on the tail, or the timer can be mounted on the pylon pod with the DT line run in an aluminum tube to the tail. Click here to see how champion flier Larry Davidson did this on his new 585 square T-Bird with OS MAX .29 power.  And it is very easy to move the timer between planes.

This timer  mounts in the same opening needed for the MAX timer, with the same mounting screw pattern. But, we do suggest a plywood mounting plate be used that extends out to the new faceplate outline. Yes, we have an Installation Kit for this new timer, and it makes installation easy as well as reliable. We suggest it be used.

We strongly suggest using our Split Rings on the DT post to help ensure reliable operation. Never just loop a rubber band or a line on the DT release post. This is a failure waiting to happen.


This timer is proving to be very attractive to many of our customers as it offers a new level of convenience and installation flexibility.

This series of timers is a unique combination of our very popular Texas MAX and the snap action pinch off mechanism developed for our MICRO I timer.  Both timers have well established reputations for quality, reliability, and durability. As far as we know this is the only self-contained pinch off and DT timer combination in the world. Putting both functions on the same faceplate can simplify installation and use in many cases.

The MAX A has the same performance specifications as the MAX. Two models are offered. The only difference is the speed of rotation of the main shaft, which ultimately effects the available total DT time. We offer the two models to optimize performance between those customers who need a five minute DT time for CAT I flying fields, and those who fly with two or three minute DT times in CAT II and III. The advantage is a faster turning shaft for the shorter engine run times used at the CAT II and III flying sites, which is the majority of those used in the US.

We have changed all of our timers to use a new type of scroll that has significantly deeper grooves to retain the DT wire in the presence of strong vibration, and to use a DT wire that has a 20% increase in diameter, which makes it TWICE as stiff. We have also added solder to the frame assembly posts. These are very noticeable enhancements to the timer.

We offer a new retro fit scroll with deeper threads for use on any older MAX, MAX A, or 3F timer. It has the same threads as the new design.  Click Here to see it and order. See our Vibration topic in Helpful Hints.

First 360 Rotation time (seconds)3523
Maximum DT time (minutes)5+3+
Faceplate size (inches)0.95 X 2.40.95 X 2.4
Weight (grams)22.522.5

The mounting holes for the MAX A series are the same as the MAX, so it is easy to upgrade to the MAX A.

Texas Timers MAX IA   Price: $64.00 ea.        
Texas Timers MAX IIIA  Price: $64.00 ea.    
Install Kit for MAX A (either timer)  Price: $5.00 ea.  
Split Rings (qty of 10)  Price: $1.00 per bag  
Power Oval Split Rings (qty of 10)  Price: $1.50 per bag