This is acustom machined aluminum motor mount for use with a wide variety of powerful drone motors and carbon tube fuselages. It was designed in cooperation with Don DeLoach who lent his vast knowledge in this area. This mount not only saves a lot of weight but is also very flexible for use with all usual kite type carbon tubes. This mount eliminates the time spent fabricating a wooden firewall and cowl cheeks and greatly reduces the weight. One competition flier customer reported a 6 gram weight savings and called it a "winner".

 It fits all motors in common use including any 22xx series such as the Cobra 2203/28, Hyperion, and many others. It fits all the tapered carbon tubes in common use in E-36/F1S, such as the Sky Sharks, Avia Skinny UL and Avia Skinny SUL 40", and the Sky Shark 2PT.

 Thrust line is easily adjusted with washer shims. The mount stem fits inside the carbon tube and  is 1 inch long and has a diameter of 0.234 inch. The weight is 1.63 grams which can be lowered if some of the tube is removed.

A useful hint when installing in a carbon tube is to use two pins thru the carbon tube and mount in addition to the use of epoxy. One top flier uses two carbon rods as the pins. If you have any, DP 460 adhesive is a special epoxy that does work well in bonding to carbon.

The attached photos will give you a good idea of the overall appearance and how it is used with a powerful drone type motor. See them HERE




Machined Aluminum Drone Motor Mount                                 Price: $19.50