Split Rings are commonly used to connect your control lines (engine, DT, or Auto Surface) to the timer posts. One should never just use a rubber band or a wire as the risk of it falling too low is great, resulting in a failure of the line to release from the timer. These are steel rings that are the correct size to use in Free Flight with all our timers . The ID is 0.117 inches. Although a fishing item, this small size is hard to find and generally higher priced than these.


We have added a new type of split ring called the Power Oval. This is made of magnesium alloy and is slightly larger than the standard split ring as well as much stronger. Either type should  be plenty strong for any free flight use.  The size of the oval is 0.315 by 0.158 inches. The thickness is 0.059 inches. The added thickness of the oval is a plus.


The Magnum was added to the line at the request of a number of seasoned fliers who wanted something even larger than out Power Oval. The Magnum is also a magnesium alloy and it has a military grade black finish. The OD is 0.292 inches the thickness is 0.062 inches. The Magnum is discontinued. No longer stocked.


If you are wondering just what these are for, please go to the "Helpful Hints" area and read about DT problems and see the photos. Please note, we strongly advise you to use something to keep the ring from sliding too low on the post. Several ways to do this are shown in the suggested "Hints" reading. This seems to be the single most common reason for a DT failure.


Split Rings Price: $1.00/bag of ten
Power Oval Split Rings Price: $1.50/bag of ten